Laura Powell

A Feature on VP Laura Powell

Laura Powell, TIP’s Vice-President of Sales, is approaching the 25 year mark of a career devoted to helping people and small organizations negotiate with large bureaucracies and manage red tape. Her expertise and leadership makes TIP a unique connection between our clients and the large providers we represent.

Laura enlisted in the Army in 1982 in a special 2 year tuition program. She served at Fort Bliss in the Air Defense Artillery as both an administrative assistant and, during field exercises, operating the unit’s Geiger Counter, a very important job in 1982!

After college and the Army, she worked as a church secretary and with an adoption agency before taking a position at The Hemlock Society, an unusual but practical lead-in to a career in health insurance. Her first insurance job was with Crawford & Company, working on claims for a variety of carriers. Laura’s chief expertise is excellent handling of claims, “I have no problem going ‘up the chain of command’ to make sure my clients get the care, treatment and correct billings that are due to them.” She is guided by developing strong client relationships and mediating honestly between insurers and clients, advocating for clients when needed.

In 2017, Laura was named “Health Insurance Agent of the Year” by the Oregon chapter of NAIFA, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. She has represented The Insurance Place three times at the National Medicare Supplement Conference, enhancing her connection to this deep and varied industry.

Another important aspect of Laura’s career is mentoring new agents and developing a humane and intelligent staff at TIP. In the past 3 years 3 new agents have been minted under her tutelage and three more staff members are studying for the licensing test this year. All six of these carry her deep commitment to excellent customer service, a permanent hallmark of The Insurance Place. Previous protégés have gone on to work at Pacific Source and in other parts of the insurance world, extending her network all over the state and the nation.

Developing new agents and keeping TIP’s infrastructure up to date are crucial parts of TIP’s plan to move into the new decade from a position of strength. Laura and office manager Maria Jaimes are currently engaged in a long term curriculum with LCC’s Small Business Development Center focused on small business management and survival.

Laura has a keen awareness of the flaws in our healthcare system borne of two decades’ of a close-up view, and advocates well for needed change. “I hope that health insurance moves toward more transparency, and cost effectiveness. I am very concerned about the cost of medications in our country. I worry about not having enough primary care doctors in our country. I am also concerned about seniors who have no support system.”

As TIP looks to the future, the next presidential administration and beyond, Laura’s leadership aims to improve the technological infrastructure and the staff’s expertise with it, to streamline services and make the TIP experience as efficient as possible. And even as we are moving toward doing more online and via telecommunication, a needed step for both safety and efficiency, she is committed to never losing the personal, face-to-face meetings that are the core of TIP’s service.

Laura has been married to Scott, whom she met in the Army, for 38 years this December. They have two grown sons, Tim and Ryan. She is in the middle of at least 4 books at any given time, and when it’s possible she loves to workout in the pool, and do embroidery on rainy days.